You are the best authority of your life and business

Please give yourself permission, to be exactly as you are. Right here, right now.


Feeling what needs to be felt. Feeling your truth. Present, to the moment you’re in. Present. To yourself.


As entrepreneurs, we’ve been completely saturated by messages like –


“Double down!”


“This is your opportunity!!”


“So many successful businesses were formed during a global crisis!!”


etc. etc.


Look – what’s true for one is not true for another. Maybe it IS the time for you to “double down” and go hammer and tong towards whatever you’re working on. Maybe that’s what’s lighting you up right now.


Maybe it isn’t though.


Please do not feel as if there’s something “wrong” with you or you’re not a “serious entrepreneur” if that is not the season you’re in.


Maybe you need time, and space, to process your feelings.


Time and space to spend more time on the phone with friends and family. Time and space. Just time and space. Rest. Nourishment.


The other message of – “using this time for self-improvement”. As if there is something wrong with you that needs to be “worked on”, or “improved” or “fixed” in some way. Now that you’ve got the time.


Hmmm no no no. This is so harmful. This keeps you in a loop, of constantly striving for some “there” because your “here” isn’t good enough.


Not your fault. We’ve got ALL the medias to thank for that one.


If it lights you the fuck up to focus on health, fitness or whatever it is, by all means do it!


Just please be mindful about your inner driver with which you’re approaching this.


Coming from a place of – “I’m not good enough as I am therefore I need to change” – is not self-love and ultimately will not bring you the external thing that you’re craving. It’s keeping it out there, or one day. Once we achieve one thing we set a new bar. A new goal. And on it goes.


So, when, when my love, do you get to just relax and breathe and love who you are?


You are already whole. You are already perfect. You are already healed. There is no “outcome” to strive for.


Anything you want is already here. it’s already within you.


What if it was about allowing the real you, the true you, to emerge? What if she already exists within you – and all you need to do is love her into being.


Love her into being.


Life itself comes from an act of love yes?


The entire planet collectively is in a caterpillar style phase of deep metamorphosis. It’s not an overnight thing. It takes time. Yet when we’re done, we’ll emerge as a whole new level of butterfly. The New Earth is coming, some would say it’s already here, whatever. Trust your process and where you’re at.


“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” 

Carl Rogers


One of my favourite quotes of all time.


Do it because you “get” to, not because you “have” to. Feeling like you “have” to will not be a joyful path.


The do do do and go go go mindset is an ingrained patriarchal way of being.


It’s in our collective cells and it takes courage to think, be and act a different way. Have compassion for yourself. We are the product of our environment and therefore we need to choose our environments, wisely.


We can’t change the past


And it’s futile to even go there.


Every single moment brings a new opportunity, an opportunity to be present. Present to what you actually need right now.


It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday or even a minute ago.


We are so excessively Yang, in general, in the western world.


With the world practically on pause, why not take this opportunity to slow down? To nourish yourself. To really nourish yourself. Beyond exercise and soaks in the bath. Nourish yourself with words. With radical self-honesty and self-respect. With the love you give to everyone around you.


Why not just tune in and ask yourself what you’d really LOVE to do in any given moment.

Whether personally affected or not, it’s been a rollercoaster. It’s been exhausting, for most of us. Nothing is certain, except for one thing – nothing will stay the same.


Give yourself permission to just be. To just breathe air and sit in Sun. To throw the to-do list in the bin for a day. Or more.


Humanity has slowed down and the planet is loving it. The planet is healing, regenerating, fortifying itself.


The more attuned we are to natures cycles, the easier it is to thrive because we ARE nature.


Trust your energy


Trust your feelings


And honour both.


They will never lead you astray.


Only YOU can know what’s right for YOU and your sacred work at this time.


There is nothing online that can provide the solution right now, nor can it be thought into being with the mental realm. The solution exists within your heart, within your soul, your body.


Feeling cluttered and overwhelmed? Reach out and book a session with me. As a kinesiologist I’m a messenger, the middle man between you and your subconscious – I can help you to see through the collective noise, reconnect to your heart’s truth and align with your best course of action right now. All by tuning in to the wisdom of your own body.


You’ve got this ♡


And I’m here to support you.


xo Aya