What does ease even mean?

Let’s talk about ease.


You could call it a buzzword.


There isn’t a single word that hasn’t yet been overused in the personal development industry, so – my suggestion would be ignore what anyone else is doing and tune in before writing or speaking anything – tune in, connect – then we flow outward, from heart, from soul.


Not the headspace.


The headspace is where you question yourself. You wonder if this or that word is what your ideal client wants to hear or doesn’t. What if they hate it? What if they think it’s over-used and immediately dismiss you?? And then you spend hours poring over a thesaurus while your soul dies a slow painful death and all the magic leaks out and you’re left feeling like shrivelled prune…well, that’s rather dramatic of me but you know how it is!!


You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.


Let the words that want to flow, flow.


Besides, no one remembers a thing you say. They do, remember how they FEEL when reading or listening to you.


You know the old adage, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it?


Yep, that’s it sister.


Let if flow.




Back to ease!


What is ease?


Ease does not mean “easy”.


If it were “easy” everyone would be doing it. They’re not. So no, when I say ease I don’t mean there isn’t work involved.


What if work and play became one and the same?


Now we’re talking.


Of course there are ups and downs, highs and lows, things we love or don’t love to do, in any role, in any industry.


Ease and flow to me are one and the same.


Flow baby flow.


Ease is when it’s simple.


When you’re flowing with the current, rather than against it.


Of course it can get really uncomfortable.


Sometimes, ease and uncomfortable go together.


Sounds odd but hear me out.


There is very little, if any, growth that occurs in the comfort zone.


It is hard as fuck to stretch yourself at times. It takes courage. Tenacity. Resilience. Commitment. Determination. But you were born with those. So you can summon them out from within.


To operate with ease, is to trust your flow. Your heart. Your soul. God. To be centred within and act from this place. To feel the fear and do it anyway. That’s uncomfortable as fuck. It doesn’t mean it’s not ease.


The process does occur with ease when you lean in, trust, and just do it.

The opposite of ease I would call the “hard slog”.


The hard slog is where you’re dragging yourself through the day, pushing, striving endlessly doing tonnes of “busy” work but not really progressing in the direction of your ultimate vision. It continues to elude you as a “one day” or “maybe next year”. Woman it’s a trap and I was stuck there for years. Don’t do it!


Your ultimate vision, as gifted to you by God, did not land within you by accident.


If you’ve seen it you can create it.


I firmly believe that God does not want us to suffer our way through life. That’d be more the devil’s work eh?!


YES it takes work. You can call it hard work, you can call it the hustle, call it whatever.


But when you lean into ease, into the path of least resistance, trust yourself, trust your flow…trust that you don’t need to know the next 10 steps you only need to know the next 1 or 2 and then the rest reveals themselves…(TRUTH)…


You access that flow state. The state you’re in whenever you’re doing something you love and could do it all day long, paid or not.


Blood flows. Water flows. You don’t need me to tell you how much of your body is made of both. You’re meant to flow.


Ease partners beautifully with grace. Divine grace. Reverence for yourself. Reverence for life itself. Reverence for the planet and for all living things.

I’m inviting you to ask yourself – how can this be more easeful? – when you get stuck, frustrated, exhausted, angry…when you feel like you’re up shit creek without a paddle…if you just let go and flow downstream…you may just end up on the most holy divine and beautiful river bank in the world.


When something is not working, it’s an opportunity to pause. To take a few deep breaths and ask yourself – do I really need to do this right now. Trust the first answer you get.


If no, obvs walk away. It’s not the right time. Leave it. Shift the energy by doing something, anything else. Maybe after 30mins of clearing your head you may get the download you needed. Or – you may feel guided to leave it entirely, for a week, a month whatever, or for good. TRUST the answer you get. Even if it makes very little logical sense.


If a yes – then, again, take a pause and breathe. Sit for 5 minutes. Pray for support, help and guidance to whomever you pray to. I’ve been praying directly to God a lot lately, it’s funny, in past it was more the angels, archangels or guides. It’s kinda cool, a whole new frequency I’m playing with, and it feels like something else. Going with it.


Then – you’ll get your solution. You’ll be told what to do next. The energy probably does need to shift, get up and run around the house or dance like a crazy woman. Once you’ve shaken off the dross, you can choose:

(Say them out loud! Copy and paste somewhere – these are for you to choose, claim, and decide on repeat)


– I now allow this to be easeful.

– I allow solutions to flow in, at lightning speed.

– I trust myself. I trust my creativity. I trust my desires.

– I allow this to flow from within, to be easeful, light, and joyful.


Aaaannnd…two questions to ask yourself:


– How can I make this more easeful?

– How can I make this more joyful?


It’s very often that we actually need to ask the right questions, to find the right answers.


If you’re not getting the answers you seek, take a deeper look at what you’re asking.


xo Aya