king of wands tarot card meaning
The King of Wands: Golden Art Nouveau Tarot & The Alchemists Garden Tarot

The King of Wands

Where to begin?

It’s not always at the perceived beginning.

Sometimes, actually most of the time, it works best to begin with the outcome. The end result. With the goal. And behave as if it is your starting point.

Behaving this way makes it come so much faster and easier.

The joy is in the journey.

The King of Wands

This ain’t gonna be no standard tarot card meaning series. What lies ahead is a fusion of my decades of study and practise in the art of cartomancy and divination, and my own intuition.

The King of Wands, like all Kings, is a master of his domain. (The tarot is genderless, for simplicity sake I will refer to Kings as “he”, Queens as “she” etc. They are simply archetypes with strengths erring on one side of the divine masculine or feminine, primarily. More on divine masculine and feminine in a later post.)

The King of Wands knows he is. What he’s here to do. In fact he’s beyond that, he’s done it. And he continues to do it.

He is the master of his creative fire, he works with the gifts he’s been given by the creator. He has zero denial nor doubt around who he is, why he’s here and expresses himself 100% fully.

He lights up a room. He is the reflection of the divine spark of light within you, the simultaneous masterpiece and work in progress that you are. He reminds us that we are both.

He reminds us to keep exploring, keep shining, keep rocking it out as our fully expressed self – in every way – whilst choosing not to stop. Choosing to stay curious, to stay exploratory.

He has everyone’s highest good in mind.

It would never even cross his mind not to. He knows his own highest good is the highest good of all.

Ruled by the element of Fire, he sits regal and content on his throne.

A leader, who respects and has compassion for those who look to him for guidance and inspiration.

He reminds us that we are creating our reality, that we are in the driver’s seat of our life, and that our unfiltered creative expression serves humanity deeply.