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The Great Gig in the Sky

I had it all back to front


For years, well, 10 years covering the full range of “official” studies and experience I’ve done relating to my soul-led career – I believed, until only early last year (2019) that “business” was somehow separate from the art itself.


The art itself I learned early on. Early on, literally in my first year of energy work with paying clients, I discovered that when I was guided to let go of protocols, rules and procedures – it’s like the work had a whole other dimension of power to it. The most powerful work I did, was when I let go of the books. It scared the fuck out of me, the first few (let’s be honest several) times I did it.


A psychic told me back in 2014, to “let go of the books”.


I didn’t believe her.


Forever the “good student”, forever trying to “get it right”, once again I found myself feeling like a square peg having to fit in a round hole – story of my life. My old life. I am neither square nor round. I am freaking Jax shaped and that is ALL I ever needed to be.


YOU are all you’ve ever needed to be. Exactly as you are.


The ultimate art comes from surrender


Surrender to the flow.


Akin to improvisation. I studied acting in my early 20’s and boom some powerful shit would come out of unscripted work. Feeling. Being. Deep presence in the moment. Deep connection. It is so, SO similar to what I now do. Same principle.


As a painter, I recognised this as well. I used to do a lot of adult face and body painting at events and festivals. If I tried to pre-plan, or the client was toooo specific in what they wanted and I allowed that pressure to take over – it never turned out well.


When I had a client who gave me full creative freedom, I did my very best work.


And so it is in all cases. At all times.


Regardless of your form of art.


The Great Gig in the Sky by Pink Floyd – the female voice in this track was improvised. Totally unplanned. She opened her mouth, decided to be the instrument, and sang.


Good lordy give that song a listen now if you haven’t heard it for a while.




Follow my playlist while you’re there!


I thought business was something I needed to learn, to strategise, to use my “thinking” mind for.


Yeah well strategy IS the Yang, it’s important


What’s most important is that you allow it to flow from your heart and soul. From the Yin. From within. Not what you’re being told to do.


The minute I try to over-strategise anything it’s like the life, the soul, the JUICE gets squeezed out of it.


I have found that when you’re doing the work of your soul, your highest potential thing, the strategy just emerges as a download too. The trick is not to question it. Which we are so, so very trained to do.


We are not taught a single thing in school about thinking for ourselves and trusting our gut instincts.


Intuition is not reserved for a “special” few. We all have epic psychic abilities available to us.


Here’s the thing – I thought I had to learn strategy first. THEN create the thing, the new offering, the new service.


And that’s what kept me blocked from creating new offerings in this business for a long time. For years.


Since mid 2019, I began transmuting (again), morphing through a radical awakening whilst experiencing severe adenomyosis, it’s like I shed all of the energy I’d been carrying, for millennia. All whilst doing POWERFUL work, with POWERFUL DIVINE clients, supporting them to live from their soul.




I write, uncensored. I’m on the mend. I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of me.


My words are to be read by many, many more people than will actually ever work with me. My writing is one of my forms of art, of channelling divine creative energy.


First and foremost I do this because I MUST.


“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself.”

Abraham Maslow


And here I am. Actually sharing the stuff I used to keep reserved for my clients, behind closed doors.


The first 30 years of my life, I listened to everything anyone told me, that they thought I was. (I’ve experienced a lot of bullying.)


Believing what anyone else tells you that you are, is one of the most dangerous things we can ever do.


People don’t see you as you are. They see you as THEY are.


Let them think whatever they want to think – you really can’t control another person’s perceptions. All you can control, are your own.


You are a soul, a multi-dimensional being beyond soul, a sovereign and important facet of the web of life and the universe.


You are meant to express yourself exactly as you are


No need for “perfection” or getting things “right”


There is no “right” or “wrong” – that’s just the judgemental labels we apply to things. (Obviously yes there is a right and wrong when it comes to how you treat someone, yourself, the planet, etc. We don’t need to go into that.)


Honestly the best advice I could have ever been given when starting out?


Do whatever the fuck you want.


I actually felt my shoulders drop and did a big exhale as I wrote that.


Allow it to transmute you.


Say it now: I am allowed to do whatever the fuck I want, in life and in my business.


Inhale, and exhale it OUT with a big sigh, sister.


Your business is not just a business. You don’t do it just for the money. If so you’d probably have a job. Nothing wrong with that either, if you love what you do! If your job allows you to express your gifts and skills and it feels good, in your soul. Excellent. This work applies to you too, if you want to go BIG in your career. You could be the CEO of that company that you work for. You being you is your art.


Your business is your art.


Potentially, your highest form of sacred expression as a sovereign being, if you allow it to be.


If you’re stuck in all the “shoulds”, the “have to’s”, even if you feel things need to be done in a particular order – my love, it’s just not true.

You can do, offer, write, be create anything you want. Right now.

Whether you’ve been doing your soul work for 1 month or 10 years.

Right now. Any moment brings a potent opportunity to say “fuck this shit” to the stuff that makes you heavy, contracted, funky (not in a good way), anything less than ELEVATED.


Write the thing. Create the thing. Share the thing.


You will not lie on your death bed regretting doing the risky thing that scared you, of course you’d regret not doing it.


What are we here for, if not to be free in our expression, our choice of contribution, our choice to literally do anything we want?


As privileged beings, if we’re not using that privilege for good then it’s a damn ol’ waste isn’t it.


Take the pressure off.


Do nothing if that feels like it would please you most right now. Be of value to yourself, first and foremost.


I often find when I take the pressure off and say to myself – “it’s a work-free day. Immagonna do whatever the fuck I want” – THAT is when suddenly the epic downloads, inspiration and words flow through. Like now. Technically a work-free day as I’ve been sick with a damn cold. But I needed to write.


It comes when we’re relaxed.


Relaxation is conducive to creativity.


Before I sat down to write, I asked God and the Archangels to allow me to be the vessel for them, to speak through my writing. And this is what’s come out. I channel similar intentions prior to my client work.

I have never publicly shared such a thing, I had fears that “people” would think I’m either insane, or full of shit.


Meh, that shit is so last century. I literally do not care. My clients certainly haven’t thought either of the above!


So. Stop trying to make yourself do or be anything that you are not.

You are already fucking perfect. There is no “perfection” to strive for.

We’ve just gotta LET HER OUT TO PLAY.


Reach out to work 1:1 with me if you’re ready to up-level like a mofo and start playing a bigger game. This is energy work and mindset mentoring on steroids, basically. (Not literally, no steroids are actually involved ha)


I’ve got two spots left to begin next week on 28th April! You, me and the divine, 6 months, 1:1.


This is a rapid ascension process and best suits if you’re in good physical health, and wild horses could not drag you away from your goals and dreams. You’re ready now to become relentless in the pursuit of your dream life and career. Relentless!!


When you have ultimate trust and faith in yourself, your art and your magic, literally ANYTHING is possible.


Let it flow. Trust you.


Trust you, huh. Isn’t that an annoying one.


It’s actually not always accurate which is what makes it extra annoying.


Sometimes, our thoughts cannot be trusted. When we have subconscious fears or limiting beliefs (you’re not actually present to them, because they’re subconscious) certain thought patterns or action steps may not be in full alignment.


Together we can do the work of clearing all of the ancestral, past-life and current-life formed belief systems and fears holding you back.


The inner work is the most important work you can possibly do as an artist of any kind. It precedes everything else.


There is not a single successful business strategist teaching strategy without also teaching inner work.


However – there is often a layer of depth and intricacy into our soul woundings that strategists (unless they’ve done years of training in this type of work as well) simply do not have.


Those “easier said than done” type things.


Sometimes it’s not as easy as just “deciding you don’t have a block”.


Sometimes it is.


Sometimes it isn’t.


You are not a failure in any way shape or form if the guidance given to you is that “you can flick this in an instant just by deciding”, and you give that a red hot crack but it doesn’t actually work.


And then you feel like maybe there’s something wrong with you cos you “can’t do it” and fall down a rabbit hole of self-loathing.


Nuh uh. No more sister. Not on my watch.


Our psyche, the layers of our being across time space and all dimensions are an intricate web of co-creating parts. So many hidden layers and parts.


This is the crucial, deep inner work, channelled by the divine. This is what I do.


No more rules. No more “procedures”.


Reach out. Let’s get simultaneously cosmic and earthed AF.


From there, you’ll fly. It’s your time to create your own epic gig in the sky, yes?


Epic love,

xo Aya