Tarot Reading Online

You want clarity. Guidance. Insight. Answers.

The tarot provides a mirror to your soul, your subconscious mind and your highest path.

Deep and potent shifts can occur with knowledge. The deeper you understand yourself, who you are and where you’ve been, what you truly want to see happen next – the clearer your path ahead becomes.

I won’t tell you what to do nor predict your future – you’re the one creating it. After a reading with me, you’ll be empowered and inspired to have, be and do anything you want, instead. You’ll be clear on the next steps to take, in alignment with what you truly desire in your life.

Readings are 30 mins, online only.

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“I have had a few healings and a reading with the beautiful Aya and she never ceases to inspire me and refresh my perspective.

I especially love her warmth and sincere care. She has the ability to tune right in and make me feel comfortable and safely held in our sessions together. Aya is a gorgeous, loving, natural healer and an inspirational divine being. I enjoy and look forward to each time we connect. It’s always a unique experience because what I seem to need each time is unique and because her skills vary she can adapt each session perfectly in sync with what feels right.

Aya has a natural intuitive ability here to bring forth helpful information while maintaining a gentle non~judgmental position. Thank you Aya so much for your support.”


“Aya facilitates profound breakthroughs with love & compassion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart & soul.”


“I was fortunate enough to just have a reading with Aya. I absolutely loved it!

Everything we spoke about resonated with me completely, and we covered so much in such a short time.

I found Aya to be warm, calming, intuitive, compassionate and very easy to communicate with. I was made to feel comfortable and at ease as I had felt a little nervous prior to the reading. 

I highly recommend Aya and I look forward to more readings in the future!”


“Highly recommend!

My reading with Aya was truly wonderful & her connection to source/divine is one of a kind.

She was able to use her healing heart to guide me through some of my difficulties, but most importantly, she was able to provide me with self-support tools to ensure my protection, health, and happiness.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”