Psychic protection – is it a thing?

It’s important to cleanse yourself regularly, if you’re highly sensitive and/or doing any type of energy/psychological work with clients.

There’s a few different schools of thought on this and some of it is harmful.

Some say, “protection is fear-based”.

Look at it this way. We shower daily to keep our physical body clean. We can’t just mindset our way into having a physically clean body right?!

“You only need to do what you believe you need to do”. True, to a degree. Again – if you can just believe you’re clean without showering and it works, talk to me I want to know what sorcery you’re up to! I do love a good shower but I’m just curious

To protect is the essence of the divine masculine, it is deeply loving, an act of self-preservation. Fear has nothing to do with it.

Everything is energy and energies are therefore everywhere. What you can choose is whether to take certain things in or not, and even then there’s a grey area – linking it to the physical again – if you were outside in a storm you can’t mindset yourself into not getting rained on right?

Honestly it’s baffling some of the “new age” horseshit going around. if you “believe you can” could we live to 500 years old? Nature is a far more powerful force than us. To dispute that would be, well, ego having a field day really.

Some of us are more sensitive than others depending on varying factors to do with your unique energetic makeup. The more sensitive you are, the more powerful your work probably is as you’re highly connected.

A few ways you can cleanse and protect your energy now:

Take a shower, holding a strong intention that the stream of water is like a stream of source energy or light, cleansing your entire field, inside and out. Intention is EVERYTHING with energy work. Imagine (intend) that any and all dross is simply washed away down the drain, being sent into the Earth to be recycled. Energy doesn’t disappear, it’s only ever recycled.

Grab some ethically harvested (or grow your own) white grandfather sage. Use it regularly, especially before and after clients

Work with essential oils. Lemongrass and patchouli are powerful.

Cord-cutting. Every time we engage with anything, cords are created and for some of us we need to deliberately detach. Sometimes they prefer to be dissolved rather than cut and there’s a variety of methods to experiment with. I just close my eyes and see my energy field, call in big AM (Archangel Michael) and he swipes his sword around the outside of my field. I say in my mind, may everyone else’s energy return to them and may all of my own energy return to me. May we all be whole and complete. I then imagine the violet flame of St Germaine passing through my body and energy field. I bring my field in close. I surround my field with a sparkling gold thing it sort of looks like a fishing net, and affirm that only love is welcome here. I do my grounding cord and upstairs cord. Set.

On that note know that this is a process of experimentation, doing what works best for you and what you love to do the most. It can be super quick and simple, or longer. I tend to do quick simple things on the daily, and a longer process at least once or twice a week. For me it’s pretty fast but when you’re learning it takes longer. We’ll be going through all of these in depth in my upcoming course.

Psychic prayers. Spelling (of words) is called spelling for a reason

Crystals – all of the quartz is amazing, and the dark crystals like jet, black obsidian or black tourmaline. Intention is always a win but honestly crystals are so powerful it’s not really necessary. They’ll do their thing all on their own.

After a client – have the intention that you simply detach. This doesn’t work for everyone but it may work for you.

Movement, walking in nature, any type of exercise shifts energy. Singing, dancing, expressing yourself. Music, sound, elevated frequencies. Get into nature. Let those negative ions do their thing! Ions are atom groups with either a positive or negative charge. Positive ions are the ones created by pollution, toxins or electromagnetic stress. Negative ions are created by nature, forest, trees, fresh air, the ocean. What you consistently surround yourself with has a huge effect.

The spark of light – close your visualise a golden spark in your centre, your solar plexus. Breathe deeply and slowly. See that your breath is effectively fanning the fire, allowing it to grow. Allow at least 5 to 10 minutes for this one. Slowly watch the flame of your inner fire grow, clearing away any and all dross. I like to see it as like a waterfall, simply spilling outside of me and again into the Earth to be transmuted into love. See that your whole field is FULL of your own inner spark – there is no room for anything else – and just pause there for a minute.

One of the simplest ways is to call on support. You have a multitude of guides and angels in your spiritual support team. I state something like: “God, help me now.” (Sometimes I use the word Great Creator instead. Trust what comes out of you.) “My enlightened and most-qualified for the job angels, archangels and guides; please cleanse and clear my energy field. Any and all distortions, misalignments, damage that may or may not exist is now repaired. I am whole, healthy, vibrant and complete. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And so it is.” Just sit in that divine space for a few minutes. Don’t try to control anything. Let them do their job.

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Affirm every day: I am safe and divinely guided, always.