Painting at Yemaya Festival, 2016. (Those are my hands) Image by Fotobiotic

Musings on the creative process

Let it be messy


Let it be chaotic


The entire universe was birthed from chaos, yes?


The creative process requires sweet surrender. To the mess, the muck, the grit…the unknown.


Your only responsibility is to let it be what it is


Allow that divine creative energy to move through you, to work with you, to play with you…allow yourself to play with it…


A mother does not rush the birth of her child


She does not even think of attempting to push it out at 4months


She allows the gestation, to be what it is


To nurture what she’s growing inside of her


To connect with it


To support it


To provide the optimal environment for it’s growth


And it comes out, when and only then, when it’s ready.


We then let it grow


We let it evolve into it’s own being, it’s own entity


We allow it the joyful process of unfolding, as we allow it for ourselves in our creative work


We don’t try to make it into something that it’s not


Something we “think” it oughta be, to be loved, liked, respected, cherished…


It is that already


Purely by its very existence.


xo Aya