The world around you is always responding to your vibration.

Thoughts create feelings, feelings create a frequency or vibration and our vibration creates our physical experience.

So, if it all comes back to a thought, a thought can easily be changed right? Correct. Simple!


What does that mean, if and when you have hidden subconscious programming (thought patterns that you aren’t consciously aware of) running the show?

…Along with trapped emotions, and the effects of past trauma stored in your body that you aren’t aware of?

Not so simple.

As a Kinesiologist I can identify, with precision, exactly what the hidden (subconscious) limiting beliefs, energetic blockages or unresolved past experiences are, that are holding you back and/or causing the issue. We access the root cause of the problem you’re facing. We then shift/integrate/process those, using any of the plethora of techniques in my toolbox. Next, we anchor in your new beliefs/patterns/ways of thinking and being, and align your energy across your entire being, with said toolbox, to your goals.

When it becomes your vibration, it becomes your reality.

Kinesiology and specifically Integrated Healing (a stream of Kinesiology) are by far the most powerful therapy I’ve ever come across, hence why I chose to develop expertise in it. The results are astonishing – I’ve both personally experienced and my clients consistently tell me.

Over the 10 years I’ve been working with clients, I’ve developed my own unique method, fusing traditional Kinesiology techniques with coaching, mentoring and fresh new styles of intuitive energy work as guided by our (mine and my clients) Spirit team.

Going far beyond standard energy healing, talk therapy or mindset coaching, together we access the wisdom contained with your mind, body, soul and all planes and dimensions of your energetic field.

This is soul work spanning beyond time and space. Re-alignment to your core, your internal axis; and therefore your power, your gifts, your creative genius.

“I’ve been working with Aya for a few years now and I’m so incredibly grateful to have made that first appointment! I first booked in a Kinesiology session with her to get a different perspective on helping with self love and recovery from depression and anxiety, and what has followed has been an incredibly healing, deep journey into clearing my blocks and aligning with my most positive path.

With each session we moved deeper inwards, I’ve learnt so much more than I ever thought I would, about myself and self care. This has created so many beautiful shifts in all areas of my life.

I had no idea I was holding onto traumas from past lives and how they have been manifesting so clearly into this life.

The way Aya worked to approach and clear the blocks from these was both so gentle and so profound and has had a huge effect on clearing various insecurities or pathways I’d been holding onto. She has such a special gift at connecting with her clients and working with energy from such a loving place and working with her over time has been so powerful.

I’ve become so much more grounded and at home in my body which has led me to be more confident in how I hold myself in the world and connect with others. I feel much more empowered and intuitive and have been able to trust my instincts so much more in my career and relationships.

As a whole working with Aya has helped me become so much kinder to myself and the people and world around me. I’m so grateful to Aya and am so excited to continue working with her!”


“I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me!! I couldn’t stop smiling for a good few hours after I left you, I felt like I was floating on cloud 9.

I woke up with a pep in my step and feeling really positive this morning, and all day really! My hips are feeling fine, no pain at all today.

Without really thinking about it I have a whole new motivation. I have found myself dedicating time to what I love doing everyday, taking the time to connect with my angels and spirit guides and progressing in my spiritual path, I’m feeling really positive.

I’ve just enrolled into a course that I’ve been wanting to do for ages. So many positive changes happening! I’m starting to live as the true reflection of myself!”


“I stumbled on Aya’s website through a wonderful stroke of fate when I was in a deep rut nearly 12 months ago. I was depressed, not eating, loathing myself and blocked from enjoying life and doing all the things that used to bring me joy.

From my very first session, I knew I could trust Aya. She has such a calming, centring energy. She is such a beautiful soul who cares deeply about empowering and healing others.

Over the past 10 months, we’ve uncovered deeply ingrained negative beliefs, trauma from my childhood I never dealt with, energies of people I have held onto that were pulling me into a spiral of self-destruction.

I am beyond grateful for Aya’s assisting me with facing my biggest fears, uncomfortable dialogue with myself and bringing me back to myself, figuring out which foods I was eating that were causing me to physically be ill, encouraging me and helping me learn why it is so important for me to make art again.

The past couple of months have been a smooth and steady transition into finding my self worth.

I started drawing for the first time in over a decade and felt like I have been doing it for years. I’ve also been less critical of my body and thankfully I now have good people around me that don’t tell me what I’m supposed to look like; which was not the case before I met Aya.

I’ve also manifested a job where I am working with a dream team like I’ve always wanted, with the schedule I’ve always wanted, being paid what I deserve.

I’ve become much much better with responding rather than reacting, in all areas of communication, emotional spending and emotional eating.

So thank you thank you thank you for working with me. It’s been life changing since I’ve started working with you.”


“I had a session with Aya this week to align with my income goals both inside and outside of my business. She uncovered that I put too much pressure on myself, my money and my business and I needed to step into the energy of appreciation. She was spot on.

I love how she tuned into the root of my feeling of shame which was created in a past life. She described what she saw and again she was spot on. We cleared all of it and she brought the energy of pure Rose.

We cleared some ancestral energy around poverty. We’ve done powerful healing work around my money blocks. I have loved our work and recommend her to anyone who needs some extra support on clearing baggage.

This woman does pure magic in the gentlest of ways. If you have experienced trauma and need a safe space to heal, she is your girl. She brings so much wisdom and insights into her work, you leave transformed and feeling light.

I am really looking forward to our next session!”