Doing what you know you need to do


Most of my clients are utterly shocked (in a good way) after their first session with me.


Years upon years of trauma, imbalances within the psyche (commonly referred to as mental illness), the great fog of analysis paralysis – gone.


Detrimental programs, patterns, cognitive dissonance – gone.


In their place: inspiration. Light. Clarity. Joy. CREATIVE ENERGY FLOW and the freedom to be FULLY self-expressed. In some cases, the will to LIVE.


Of course, it often takes more than one session. It really depends on many, many factors of the individual. I no longer work with my clients in this way. A certain amount of personal development work must have already been done by you, for this 1:1 work with me to rock your world to it’s core.


“I’ve been seeing a psychologist for 10 years with no changes. I can’t believe it. I’ve had two sessions with you and I feel like a completely different person.” – Words from a past client.

(I LOVE psychology, I’m not dissing it. My work is psychology based. The right psychologist for you can be epic helpful. These were simply my clients words.)


A coach once asked me, what’s the ultimate outcome your work has achieved? I struggled to answer initially. SO many outcomes, over 10 years I’ve helped clients to repair their marriage, to grow their business aka increase their income drastically, get their dream job, explode their creativity, lose weight, ditch the shitty relationship and attract the love of their life, heck I’ve helped several women get PREGNANT and birth a healthy baby.


I’ve always been scared to share this stuff in fear that y’all will think I’m full of shit. Well, fuck that. I’ve got space for new clients and y’all need to know what my work actually does.


Then, I realised what that “ultimate” outcome is, if I had to choose one.


Suicide prevention.


It’s being ALIVE.


Some of my clients have been there. At that point. Regardless of life circumstances.


The most intelligent, creative, wise, talented, spectacular people I have ever come across have struggled with their mental health or suicidal thoughts to some degree whether chronic or periodically. As have I.


Why? I see it as living the wrong life.


Living a life that actually isn’t yours. It’s that deep, inner, inescapable, often quiet and often a roar, that just. Will. Not. Let you go.


Something needs to change. Something. Not necessarily everything in your life. Maybe just something. One thing. Two things.


For me it was big. I had to change my name, move to another country, and end a 5 year+ relationship. I was shit scared. Terrified to do all the above. The old “what will people think” bullshit.


But I just knew. (My name had been sitting with me for 5 years before I took the leap.) Of course I was met with resistance. A TONNE of it. From the outside world. Other people.


But who are you living your life for?


Are they paying your bills?

Do they nurture you, feed you, clothe you?

Do they actually want what’s best for you?

Are they doing the things, living the life that YOU long for?


You are living your life for YOU. It’s YOUR body. It’s your journey. It’s your personality. It’s what makes you happy what brings you joy. It’s your dreams, goals, desires.


We usually regret the things we didn’t do, a whole lot more than the things we did.


It all starts with you. When you’re rockin it, it oozes from you effecting everybody in your sphere with luscious joy and inspiration.


It is the OPPOSITE of selfish to live for YOU.


Get it?


Life is here, it’s here now. Doing the “crazy” things that you KNOW you’ll be potentially criticised for, potentially ridiculed – and there’s pain and fear involved – our human nature is to RUN away from such possibilities. We want to be safe. IT IS IN FACT OUR BIRTHRIGHT TO BE SAFE. Safety is paramount.




The ship was not made to hang out in the dock.


The baby birds are not made to live their entire life in the nest.


The bud must unfurl into the magnificent rose.


Feeling scared is good.


A sense of fear, tells us when there’s potential danger. Eg. A hailstorm is beginning. Ok time to go inside. Let’s go before it pummels us.


(This literally happened to me last year, that freak storm in January 2020 in Melbourne, and my foot was broken. Legit. I was beside the River on a Sunny Sunday in Warrandyte with a friend. We were swimming and chilling out. Suddenly the clouds came over. We were enjoying the light, gentle summer rain. We thought ok, better pack up, but we were quite relaxed about it, we wondered, hmm pack up now or wait a bit? It was a beautiful moment. Suddenly we got a feeling. Hurry the FUCK up let’s GO. Within the space of 3 minutes we were RUNNING to the carpark being pumelled with apple sized hail.


My friends bedroom window had smashed. We were coated in bruises. I broke a finger too. Cars had smashed windscreens. My car was covered in dints. No windows were broken, and lucky for me I was due for an upgrade, it was on it’s last legs anyway it was 12 years old and I sold it to the wreckers not long after. In the nick of time actually, before Melbourne’s first hard lockdown.


Had we listened to that gentle whisper of intuition, rather than resisting it, we would have left 5 mins earlier and we wouldn’t have been injured.


My foot healed, but with all the walking I’ve been doing on my travels it’s flared up a bit 😞  )


Fear and feeling scared is not to be hated or judged within oneself.


Fear has it’s role, and as with all parts of us, it deserves our love.


It’s an issue when fear becomes irrational and takes over, preventing you from fulfilling your WILDEST MOST RIDICULOUS “IMPOSSIBLE” CRAZY DREAMS.


Let’s set your soul on fire. (In a good way)


Let’s burn away the crud you’re subconsciously carrying, weighing you down like a dead fish, at times.


This is deep, potent soul work. (It’s also a whole tonne of fun.) This is for the wild soul. The creative. The inventor. The coach. The healer. The intuitive. The psychic. The philanthropist.


You want to unleash yourself. More. More. More. More.


You’re already doing spectacular work/things/art in the world. But you know there’s more. You KNOW.


DM me to apply. There are only 3 places available to begin now.


We start next Friday. Yes. On a Friday. Cos I’m wierd like that.