Are you truly happy with how you’re doing life? And with whom?

Can I ask you an honest question gorgeous?


Are you truly happy with how you’re doing life.


With whom, how, what you do each day.


What you do each day becomes who you are.


Each day is a chance to move the needle in your chosen direction.


Are you taking it?


Have you dared to dream?


Bigger, bigger, bigger.


The too-good-to-be-true option.


Yeah, that one.


The imaginings of your beautiful, precious mind in this one sacred life.


Where do you really want to live?


How do you REALLY want to be spending your time?


Is it – how you are right now?


FUCK YEAH Queen if so. Carry on then.


If not – what are you waiting for?




Why wait?


Stop kidding yourself.


Stop kidding yourself that you have all the time in the world.


Darling it’s a crock.


All the shizznizz about slowing down, rest more, divine timing etc etc.


Even I used to say that stuff. Look it’s true to a point. To a point.


I’m not saying don’t rest, of course, we need slow days, and lots, lots of rest. Slow luscious days of nothingness, simply presence with our own being, the love of our own divine essence.


Presence is what brings us back into flow. Into knowing EXACTLY what this moment is for.


Deliberately choosing presence, day by day, moment by moment.


A 10 second pause can be all that’s needed at times. A space in-between. A moment between moments. To check in. And consider for a second, is this particular action fuelling my wild crazy dream or keeping it away?


Don’t kid yourself.


Do you really need to rest? Or do you need to get LIT THE FUCK UP by the divine mission of your own being?


Are you tired, because you’re physically depleted or are you actually just BORED?


Do you actually need to get MOVING instead?


I facilitate a remembrance


Of your innate gifts, of your highest potential, of your mother-freakin PURPOSE.


Shedding old skin, old masks, old habits, old “things” you’re carrying around, invisible baggage slowing you down.


So many things you think you NEED but it’s really just old programming. Slowing you down.


Keep it further away.




Your dream freakin life womxn.


How much longer will you allow yourself to stay stagnant?


It’s all a choice.


Could it really be that good, I feel you wonder.




Don’t you worry, those borders will open up soon.


All that has been brought to the surface this year will shift.


Radical transmutation needs radical support.


You want to…


Awaken your gifts


…Your potency


…Your power


…Your creative freedom


Further, deeper, higher.



We each have a role to play. Our highest good is one and the same with the highest good of all.


One and the same.



Reach out to me if this speaks to you.


We release past trauma held cells of your body.


Rewire your neurology and clear out those old outdated belief systems that no longer serve.


Eliminate incongruent patterns and conditioning.


Align you with your highest path.


And have a fucktonne of FUN doing it.


So you can be who you are and do what you came here to do. WITH whom you came here to do it with.


Why else are you here?



I love you,


xo Aya