Hi there, I’m Aya. I’m a Kinesiologist, Reiki Master, Intuitive & Spiritual Guide and I’ve been working with divine clients since 2013.

I work with a potent fusion of energy medicine and coaching to help you to achieve your most important goals. Usually in the realm of career and relationships – but as you already know, everything is connected.

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“Within weeks of meeting Aya, I moved into a new career which I LOVE, and I’d wanted to do for years. This opened me up to new friendships and opportunities, and the best year I had in a decade.

I discovered Aya and her incredible work through a friend, who said I would love her, that she was a gentle and calm soul, as well as an excellent kinesiologist. My friend was right, and I have been gushing my own praise about Aya ever since.

I first went to Aya as I felt in a rut in my routine and daily life, and I was craving an energy re-boot. When I left that first appointment with her, I walked along the streets and they genuinely felt like they were lit in a different, clearer light – as if my perception of the world had changed for the better.

I’ve done powerful work with Aya around finances and relationships, and after each session, I leave bright-eyed, open-hearted and peaceful; with amazing outcomes.

I recommend her constantly. All who have subsequently met her agree she has a talent and the work she does is a gift. I trust her completely, and your life will be better for having met her.”


“Before working with Aya, I felt as if I had a big calling in the world but it had to be kept top secret.

It’s safe to say I was refusing to share my gifts, ideas and talents with others! I was completely blocked.

Working with Aya was incredibly powerful.

I felt safe, held and loved at all times. We released a big trauma from early in my career that was holding me back and I walked out knowing that I am completely free to share my soul’s gifts. Since then, I have been showing up for my purpose with a new level of confidence and conviction.

As one example, I’ve been interviewed by the media about 8 times since our last session. I wasn’t doing that sort of publicity work before! If you have a sneaking suspicion that there’s something blocking you from creating your dreams, I urge you to trust your instincts and work with Aya!”


“I had the absolute pleasure to have my first session with Aya today and I had so many breakthroughs and AHA moments, it was magical! I felt like I test drove a Ferrari! Aya is a very intuitive and gifted lady and I can highly recommend working with her if you are looking for the next level in life and business!”


“I’ve been seeing a psychologist for 10 years with no changes. I can’t believe it. I’ve had two sessions with you and I feel like a completely different person.”



Credentials & Training

  • Diploma of Kinesiology

  • Integrated Healing IV (Advanced psychology-based Holographic Kinesiology)

  • Reiki Master

  • Tarot for the Wild Soul

  • Advanced Intuitive Psychic Tarot

  • Tarot & Trauma

  • Chiron Healing II (Etheric realm energetics)

  • Aromatic Kinesiology

  • Art of Solution-Oriented Neuro-Training

  • The Liquid Crystals Practitioner

  • Cert. of Crystalline Wisdom

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