Yo, angel heart.

I’m Aya. The Artist Formerly Known as Jacqueline. I help fellow wild creatures to rock the shit outta being themselves and LOVE their freakin life.

You want:

Your soul mate lover

Soul mate friends whom you can TRUST with all of your being

To express the full potency of your soul work and be paid handsomely to do it

A body that your soul is proud to reside in

To live happy, wild and free, FULLY self-expressed, creating epic positive impact that you can feel in your bones, you are here to make.

You know that you’re creating your reality.

AND you’re doing a pretty epic job of it! Most look at you in awe. You’ve achieved more than most will ever dare to hope and dream of.

So – why is the thing – the money, the relationship, the career, or quite simply and most importantly – your inner JOY levels – just not quite there, as yet? OR – maybe you simply want to go further, higher, deeper, as expansive and impactful as you can get!

I work with the subconscious mind and hidden energetic blockages within your being, that unbeknownst to you are preventing the next level of your self-actualisation.

All that you desire, desires you

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About me

Born and raised in Fitzroy (waayyy before it was trendy), Melbourne, Australia.

I’m a multi-faceted Alchemist and Creator who sparks change and deep shifts simply by being who I am. All whom engage with my energy field are transformed.

I channel both universal wisdom and comedy, who knows what you may get! Most likely both 😉 and often all at once

In April 2021 I managed to escape Australia, travelled to Thailand, Serbia, Croatia and now Italy where I’m permanently residing for the foreseeable.

I’ve been working with clients professionally since 2012, after getting my Kinesiology and Reiki quals.

Since the primary school yard, I was mindset coaching my pals in the various sports teams I was a part of. A born psychic with a whole tonne of Balkan & Mediterranean shamanic witchcrafty ancestry. Talking to spirits and astral travelling are my earliest memories of childhood.

Life went on, after sport I immersed myself mostly the in theatre, make up art, face and body art world, (LOADS of fun). Since the age of 18 after an NDE and seeing an Angel, I’ve been immersing myself in study and practise of energy medicine, working with tarot cards, astrology, numerology, paganism, many of the things. When I say SEE an Angel, I mean with my human eyes, literal sight. Not my third eye, that happens all the time. The first and maybe the last(?) occurrence in the physical. Who knows

I’ve travelled extensively, every continent except Antarctica in fact. A series of synchronicities found me in Glastonbury UK in 2009, where I begun to remember exactly who I am (or rather I was TOLD and I have no choice lol) and what it is I am here to do in this (my last) life here on Earth. In 2010 I did an all day workshop with Caroline Myss in London for 50 quid. Ridic.

I’m an expert in the psyche – mind, soul and heart.

I help you to clear and release trauma stored in your DNA via your ancestral line, past lives, and of your current life. I help you to rewire your neurology, your subconscious mind in alignment with your definition of success, so you can reach your goals FASTER with sooo much more ease and grace.

Your body and mind hold the secrets to your souls highest path and power.

I open the doors, you walk through them.

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Or, grab a single session here

My clients range from 18 years old through to their 50’s and 60’s, so far. I’ve worked with musicians, actors, celebrities, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, artists, students and pre-performance support to an Olympic athlete. One client (that I know of) has been on the cover of Forbes magazine. It matters not who you are and what you do, it matters that we connect on a soul level.

I help you to remember who the fuck you are.

Live it, breathe it, own it and be free.

Stay sharp and rock on,

xo Aya

Credentials & Training

  • Diploma of Holistic Kinesiology
  • Cert. IV of Holistic Kinesiology
  • Integrated Healing IV (Advanced psyche-based Holographic Kinesiology)
  • Reiki Master
  • Tarot for the Wild Soul
  • Advanced Intuitive Psychic Tarot
  • Tarot & Trauma
  • Chiron Healing II (Etheric realm energetics)
  • Aromatic Kinesiology
  • Art of Solution-Oriented Neuro-Training
  • The Liquid Crystals Practitioner
  • Cert. of Crystalline Wisdom

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