You’re a powerful, creative, awakening visionary. I’m here to help you bring your most audacious goals to life.

You want support through the flames of rebirth and beyond.

You want Soul, Energetic & Mindset Alchemy.

To activate and embody your highest potential 

and do what you came here to do, with whom you came to do it with

I want to see you rocking the shit outta being you and LOVING your freakin life.

Let’s rock n roll.

Are you truly happy with how you’re doing life? And with whom?

September 22, 2020

Can I ask you an honest question gorgeous?   Are you truly happy with how you’re doing life.   With whom, how, what you do each day.   What you do each day becomes who you are.   Each day is a chance to move the needle in your chosen… Read more

What does ease even mean?

May 4, 2020

Let’s talk about ease.   You could call it a buzzword.   There isn’t a single word that hasn’t yet been overused in the personal development industry, so – my suggestion would be ignore what anyone else is doing and tune in before writing or speaking anything – tune in,… Read more

You are a divine miracle of creation

April 27, 2020

Today I’d love to remind you that…   You are a divine miracle of creation   This is your one, precious, sacred life as you in this body   You came here to be yourself, and only yourself   Your power is infinite   Your creativity is endless   It… Read more

Musings on the creative process

April 26, 2020

Let it be messy   Let it be chaotic   The entire universe was birthed from chaos, yes?   The creative process requires sweet surrender. To the mess, the muck, the grit…the unknown.   Your only responsibility is to let it be what it is   Allow that divine creative… Read more

The Great Gig in the Sky

April 21, 2020

I had it all back to front   For years, well, 10 years covering the full range of “official” studies and experience I’ve done relating to my soul-led career – I believed, until only early last year (2019) that “business” was somehow separate from the art itself.   The art… Read more

You are the best authority of your life and business

April 1, 2020

Please give yourself permission, to be exactly as you are. Right here, right now.   Feeling what needs to be felt. Feeling your truth. Present, to the moment you’re in. Present. To yourself.   As entrepreneurs, we’ve been completely saturated by messages like –   “Double down!”   “This is… Read more