Psychic protection – is it a thing?

November 15, 2021

It’s important to cleanse yourself regularly, if you’re highly sensitive and/or doing any type of energy/psychological work with clients. There’s a few different schools of thought on this and some of it is harmful. Some say, “protection is fear-based”. Look at it this way. We shower daily to keep our… Read more

king of wands tarot card meaning

The King of Wands

November 10, 2021

Where to begin? It’s not always at the perceived beginning. Sometimes, actually most of the time, it works best to begin with the outcome. The end result. With the goal. And behave as if it is your starting point. Behaving this way makes it come so much faster and easier.… Read more

Doing what you know you need to do

November 9, 2021

🤸 Most of my clients are utterly shocked (in a good way) after their first session with me.   Years upon years of trauma, imbalances within the psyche (commonly referred to as mental illness), the great fog of analysis paralysis – gone.   Detrimental programs, patterns, cognitive dissonance – gone.… Read more

Plant yourself in the Earth

June 22, 2021

Plant yourself in the Earth Hold your heart Your abdomen Breathe Breathe Close your eyes and breathe Rest Rest within the sacred container of your precious body It’s all going to be OK. ALL OF THE THINGS Breathe. Choose. Decide. Believe. Surrender. Hand it over. Ask yourself, what do I… Read more

Are you truly happy with how you’re doing life? And with whom?

September 22, 2020

Can I ask you an honest question gorgeous?   Are you truly happy with how you’re doing life.   With whom, how, what you do each day.   What you do each day becomes who you are.   Each day is a chance to move the needle in your chosen… Read more

What does ease even mean?

May 4, 2020

Let’s talk about ease.   You could call it a buzzword.   There isn’t a single word that hasn’t yet been overused in the personal development industry, so – my suggestion would be ignore what anyone else is doing and tune in before writing or speaking anything – tune in,… Read more