You’re seeking soul & psyche healing, clarity, coaching and spiritual advisory.

I work with advanced psychology-based kinesiology, energy medicine and the tarot to help you achieve your creative, professional and relationship goals. I help you to shift blocks and come into energetic alignment with your hearts deepest desires, so that your manifestation becomes effortless. I’ve been working with clients professionally for 10 years. If you want nourishing support, emotional healing and guidance whilst you fulfil your soul’s purpose and actualise your highest potential in this life – you’re in the right place.

“When I first had a session with Aya it turned out to be one of the most pivotal experiences of my adult life.

Aya has the most gentle and deeply loving connectedness to me and what I need as a client and somehow she just brings that through in session.

The depth of her work has brought me amazing clearing and insight, particularly in terms of accepting myself and my feminine nature and has really supported my journey over the years since we started doing this work.

Sessions with Aya are always insightful, and full of loving guidance, always positive and empowering in seeing a way forward.

One of the biggest shifts that occurred through our first session was the inspiration to follow my heart and study kinesiology myself – one of the best choices I’ve made in life. Her mentoring and guidance were also invaluable when I was getting started in my own business.

Her Tarot readings are always insightful and full of potent guidance, each of these has been positive and empowering in seeing a way forward, leaving me with a strong feeling of “yes”!

I can highly recommend Aya as a wonderfully gifted, wise and loving mentor and healer! Thank you so much for the work that you do to support and encourage me in living from the heart.”


“Aya is absolutely fantastic. I don’t think there would be any person she wouldn’t be able to instantly relate to, tune right into & assist.

Down to earth, yet very intuitive & on point with regard to what’s really going on at the deepest levels of body, mind & soul. Aya has been instrumental in assisting me to ground, and guiding me to apply clear reasoning within broadened perspectives.

I was super emotional at our first session around a month ago, and walked out a totally different person to the one which was all over the place when I came in. Aya is an amazing Kinesiologist, mentor & intuitive whom you can certainly place your trust in.”


“From my first session with Aya, I felt an incredible connection. The space she holds is so soothing, safe and conducive to healing and working through deep-seated trauma and subconscious fears.

I’m now making decisions that are better for me – healthy meals, better sleeping routine, meditation, and I’ve moved from a critical space to a space of greater love and compassion for myself and for others.

I’ve felt both immediate and longer term changes. My main stress symptom, neck pain, had immediate relief in one session.

I’ve felt so safe with Aya – she’s helped me to be able to connect with my inner truth, nurture and grow from within. This has infused into all relationships – work, family, friends. I feel these are much more authentic and productive.

I’ve discovered that everything I need to be empowered and be my true self is inside me. I can trust myself; and speaking, being and living my own truth leads me to great fulfilment and strength. It puts me on the path I need to be on.

I cannot speak more highly of Aya. A true Earth Angel, thank you.”